Welcome to Kina Petroleum

A company with over 100 years combined industry experience in PNG.

Kina Petroleum Corporation is a Papua New Guinea (PNG) registered company and was established in 2009 to apply for and acquire oil and gas exploration and production concessions in PNG.

Since incorporation, the Company’s strategy has been to:

• Kina is a Papua New Guinea (“PNG”) registered company that is seeking to build a successful, sustainable oil and gas company, with a regional focus, producing strong returns for all of our stakeholders;
• To convert exploration assets or well defined production into cashflow producing assets as quickly as possible
• Acquire or participate in highly prospective oil and gas acreage positions proximal to proven areas and infrastructure development opportunities
• Acquire or participate in well defined production or near to production assets to achieve commercial cashflows
• Leverage large, exploration positions through Farm-Out and other arrangements whilst maintaining meaningful participating interests in these area
• Seek JV Partners with the requisite technical and fiscal capabilities
• Achieve a sustainable and environmentally sound future in areas of operation
• Achieve a high level of local participation through employment and investment
• PNG is primary base of operations with regional participation as opportunities emerge